Reclaiming Your Email Privacy

Why Email Privacy Matters

In the age of relentless data collection, our email has become a battleground. Advertisers track our every click, turning our inboxes into a never-ending stream of manipulation. Large language models trained on our private communications contribute to this erosion of privacy by learning and perpetuating patterns of surveillance. But what if there was a way to reclaim your inbox, ensuring your emails are truly private?

GoodByEmail is more than just an email cleaner. It's a movement for reclaiming your right to privacy.

Why Privacy Matters in Your Inbox

Email is personal. It contains our thoughts, our dreams, and often our most sensitive information. Yet, many email providers, email clients and email cleaners treat our inboxes like free-for-alls, selling our data to the highest bidder. This constant surveillance not only feels intrusive, it undermines our freedom.

Privacy is Power

When we control our email data, we take back the power. We decide who sees our information and for what purpose. GoodByEmail empowers you to do just that. Our service uses industry-leading privacy practices to ensure your emails are truly yours.

GoodByEmail uses a unique privacy-first approach by design: It simply cannot connect directly to your email provider. It does not require you to share any logins, credentials, oauth tokens, nor any sort of invasive permissions whatsoever. All the processing happens on your computer and no emails are ever uploaded to GoodByEmail's servers. Plus, you can even use it offline for maximum privacy!

GoodByEmail is privacy-first and the only truly secure email cleaner on the market. Want to learn more about secure email cleaning and why it matters? Check out this article.

Privacy is Not Secrecy

Some argue that only those with something to hide need privacy. This is a dangerous misconception. We all deserve the right to control our personal information, even the mundane. Just because you close the bathroom door doesn't mean you have something to hide. It's about your right to privacy, not secrecy.

Control is an Illusion

Many email providers, email clients and email cleaners offer a facade of control through complex privacy settings and marketing claims around privacy. But these are often designed to overwhelm you, pushing you to accept the status quo. GoodByEmail believes privacy should be simple. We bake strong privacy practices into our core, so you can trust your inbox is secure by default.

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We believe everyone deserves the right to a private inbox. With GoodByEmail, you can take back control of your communications with a cleaner, clutter-free inbox and fight for a future where privacy is respected. Your data belongs to you and you alone.

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