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How to Export ZOHO Inbox to mbox using Thunderbird in

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Export Zoho Email Inbox to mbox | GoodByEmail

The process involves first syncing your Zoho account with Thunderbird and then exporting your emails from there. This can take some time, but hey, a big advantage of this method is that it's 100% safe, as you are not giving your emails away to third-party companies.

Step 0 - Enabling IMAP Access in Zoho Mail

Make sure that IMAP Access is enabled in the Zoho Mail interface.
Login to www.zoho.com/mail > Settings > Mail Accounts > IMAP Access > Enable IMAP Access by clicking the checkbox

Step 1 - Install Thunderbird

If you haven't already, download and install Mozilla Thunderbird. It's a free, open-source email client.

Step 2 - Add Zoho Account to Thunderbird

Open Thunderbird, in the menu bar, navigato to "Tools" and click on "Accounts Settings", then "Add Mail Account". Enter your Zoho credentials and let Thunderbird automatically configure the server settings.

Zoho Add Mail Account

Step 3 - Sync and Download Emails

Once added, Thunderbird will begin syncing with your Zoho account. Wait until all your emails are downloaded and synced.

Optional: Setting Up Manually

If Thunderbird doesn't auto-detect your Zoho Mail settings, you might need to input them manually. Here's how:

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Setting Up the Incoming Server

  • For individual Zoho users: Server Name: imap.zoho.eu, Use Port: 993, with Normal Password as the authentication method.
  • For organizational accounts on Zoho with domain-based access: Server Name: imappro.zoho.eu, Use Port: 993, with Normal Password as the authentication method.

Setting Up the Outgoing Server

  • For individual Zoho users: Server Name: smtp.zoho.eu, Use Port: 465, with Normal Password as the authentication method.
  • For domain-tied organizational accounts on Zoho: Server Name: smtppro.zoho.eu, Use Port: 465, with Normal Password as the authentication method.

When inputting your username, make sure to use your full Zoho email (e.g., user@yourdomain.com). If you're utilizing a separate Outgoing email, specify that address instead.

Once you've input the settings, hit "Done". Be aware: Using the "Test" option may return an error and possibly reset your manually entered settings.

A heads-up for those using TFA: If you've enabled Two-Factor Authentication, you'll need to produce and employ an App-specific Password.

Step 4 - Export Zoho Emails to mbox

Right-click on the Zoho email folder you want to export (e.g., Inbox) in Thunderbird. Select "Import/Export" then choose "Export Folder", and save it as an mbox file.

There you have it! Your Zoho emails are now exported in the mbox format.

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